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GST Appeal Not to be Filed in Certain Cases [Section 120 of GST]
In keeping with the spirit of the National Litigation Policy, Section 120 empowers the Board (on the recommendation of the Council) to issue orders fixing such monetary limits, as it may deem fit, for the purposes of regulating the filing of departmental appeals.....

Non-Appealable Decisions and Orders Under Section-121of GST Act.
Section 121 lays down that certain types of decisions or orders shall not be appealable, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any provision of the Act. ...

General Disciplines Related to Penalty in the CGST Act.
Section 122 to section 138 of the CGST Act, 2017 contain the provisions related to off offences, penalties prosecution & compounding.

Penalty for Offence By A Taxable Person in the CGST Act.
The CGST Act codifies the offences and penalties in Chapter XIX. The Act list 21 offences in section 122, apart from the penalty prescribed under section 10 for availing compounding by a dealer who is not eligible for it.

GST Penalty For Offences By Any Person under GST Law
A penalty extending to 25,000 shall be levied on any person who ....

GST Penalty For Failure To Furnish Information In GST Return under GST Law
Section 150 of CGST Act require some person to file an information return in specified cases. Section 123 of the CGST Act provides that if a person who is required to furnish an information return fails to do so within the period specified....

Power To Impose Penalty In Certain Cases under CGST Act.
Section 127 of the CGST Act provides that where the proper officer is of the view that a person is liable to a penalty and the same is not covered under any proceedings ....

Any goods which are transported or stored while in transit in contravention to the provisions of CGST Act.....

Confiscation Of Goods Or Conveyance And Levy Of Penalty under GST Law
The word “confiscation” has not been defined in the Act. The concept is derived from Roman Law wherein it meant seizing or taking into the hands of emperor, and transfer to Imperial “fiscus” or Treasury.....

Punishment For Certain Offences under GST Act.
Any person commits any of the following offences, namely :.

Offence By Companies under GST Act.
Since entities such as companies, firms or trusts, entities do not have a will of their own or the “culpable mental state” (for want of mental faculties), in case offences are committed by such entities....

Compounding Of Offences under GST Act.
Section 320 of the Code of Criminal Procedure defines “compounding” as to forbear from prosecution for consideration or any private motive. Aiyar’s Law Lexicon defines it variously as “arranging, coming to terms; condone for money”. .....

E-Way Bill Under GST, A Solution Of Most Of The Issues Specified
Sec. 68 of the CGST Act Specify that the Govt. may require the person in-charge of a conveyance carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding such amount as may be specified, to carry with him such documents and such devices as may be prescribed. ....

What Is Desired From E-Way Bill Under GST Regime ?
Since expectations are very high from the present GST tax reform, it is expected that following facility should be provided to the suppliers and transporter for ensuring smooth and hindrance free movement of goods. ...

Process Of E-WAY BILL under GST Act.
Although, the Goods and Services Tax E-Way Bill application process will may come in due course, however, it is envisaged that the new system will rationalize and re-engineer the transportation and logistics networks...

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Deductions [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]
Deductions [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]

Deductions to be made in Computing Total Income [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]

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List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10
List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10

Section-wise Index of Exempted Incomes Under Section 10

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TDS, TCS, Advance Tax & Refunds
TDS, TCS, Advance Tax & Refunds

Guide & Taxation with Amendments made by the Finance Act. 2018 and the Rules as amended till Date.

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