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Check List for Assessment - Capital Gain

 Nature of Item / Claim

Supporting Document


1. Consideration received



2. Expenses on transfer


3.Reinvestment made
for purpose of exemption


Copy of sale deed in case of immovable properties. For Movable properties like jewellery, shares, etc. copy of cheque received, or the relevant entry in the bank pass book.

Details of expenses , as well as proof of payment

Details of investment , together with proof of making such investments. If reinvestment is on construction or purchase of new house, details of the new property as well as vouchers/ sale deed supporting expenditure on such house.

Tax On Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG)
Tax On Short-Term Capital Gains (STCG)
Exemption[ Section-54] For Capital Gains Arising On Transfer Of Residential House Property
EXEMPTION [Section-54B] To Capital Gains On Transfer Of Agricultural Land
Capital Gain Basis of Charge
Capital Gain- Rate of Taxes
Long & Short Term Capital Gain Tax
Exemption under Capital Gains
Capital Gains – How Computed
Short-Term / Long-Term Capital Gains-How Charged to Tax
Chart Showing the Computation of “Capital Gain”
Check List for Assessment- Capital Gains
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