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Deductions from Total Income



    1. Deductions in respect of certain Payments.

      1. Deduction in respect of Life Insurance Premia, Deferred Annuity, Contribution to PF, etc. [ Sec. 80 C ]

      2. Deduction in respect of Contribution to certain Pension Funds [Sec.80CCC]

      3. Deduction in respect of Contribution to Pension Scheme of Central Government or any other Employers [ Sec. 80 CCD]

      4. Deduction in respect of Health or Medical Insurance Premia [ Sec.80D]

      5. Deduction in respect of Maintenance Including Medical Treatment of a Dependent who is a person with Disability [ Sec. 80 DD ]

      6. Deduction in respect of Medical Treatment , etc. [ Sec. 80 DDB ]

      7. Deduction in respect of Interest of Loan taken for Higher Education [Sec.80 E ]

      8. Deduction in respect of Donations to certain Funds, Charitable Institutions , etc. [ Sec. 80 G ]

      9. Deduction in respect of Rents Paid [ Sec. 80 GG ]

    2. Deductions in respect of certain Incomes

      1. Deduction in respect of Profit and Gains from Industrial Undertaking or Enterprises engaged in infrastructure Development [ Sec. 80 IA ]

      2. Deduction in respect of Profit and Gains from Industrial Undertakings or enterprises engaged in development of Special Economic Zone. [Sec. 80 IAB ]

      3. Deduction in respect of Profit & Gain from certain Industrial Undertaking other than Infrastructure Development Undertaking [Sec.80-IB]

      4. Special Provisions in respect of Certain Undertaking or Enterprises in certain special category States. [ Sec. 80-IC]

      5. Deduction in the case of Hotels and Convention center in NCR [Sec.80ID]

      6. Deduction in respect of certain undertaking in North-Eastern States [Sec.80-IE].

      7. Deduction In Respect Of Profit And Gains From Business Of Collecting And Processing Of Bio-Degradable Waste. [ Sec. 80-JJA]

      8. Deduction In Respect Of Employment Of New Workmen [ Sec. 80-JJAA]

      9. Deduction In Respect Of Certain Income Of Offshore Banking Units And International Financial Services Center. [ Sec. 80-LA]

      10. Deduction In Respect Of Income Of Co-Operative Societies. [ Sec. 80P ]

      11. Deduction In Respect Of Royalty Income, Etc., Of Authors Of Certain Books Other Than Text-Books [ Sec. 80-QQB ]

      12. Deduction In Respect Of Royalty On Patents [ Sec. 80-RRB ]

    3. Other Deductions

      1. Deduction In Case Of A Person With Disability [ Sec. 80 U ]

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