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Procedure for getting a Permanent Account Number (PAN) for NRI

[Procedure for the Filing of Income Tax and Wealth Tax Returns, Assessment, and Refunds]

A resident tax-payer having a taxable income in India has to apply for the allotment of a Permanent Account Number (PAN) as per Section 139A by making an application to his Assessing Officer in form No.49A. The application for allotment of PAN can also be made now through the Unit Trust of India. Similarly, if the total sales, turnover or gross receipts are or is likely to exceed `. 5 lakhs in any previous year, he must apply for the allotment of PAN. However, as per Rule I 14C(1)(b), non-residents have been exempted from complying with the provisions of Section 1 39A regarding PAN.

Procedure for the Filing of Income Tax and Wealth Tax Returns, Assessment, and Refunds
1. Income Tax Return To Be Voluntarily Filed And Tax Paid On Self-Assessment If An NRI has Taxable Income In India
2. The Assessing Officer Can Also Require The Non-Resident To File Income Tax Return
3. NRls Can Apply For Refund Of Income Tax By Filing Income Tax Return
4. Income Of Nris Is Generally Accepted Without Scrutiny
5. Regular Assessment After Personal Hearing, And Examination Of Papers, Etc. By The Assessing Officer
6. Ex Parte Assessment By The Assessing Officer
7. Re-Assessment Or Additional Assessment In Case Of Income Escaping Assessment
8. Completion Of Assessment And Payment Of Tax
9.Provision Regarding Penal Interest And Penalty For Delay In Filing Income Tax Return Or Payment Of Tax
10. Deduction Of Tax At Source And Payment Of Advance Tax By NRIs
11. Remedies By Way Of Appeal, Etc. Available To A Non-Resident Indian
12. Other Provisions For Rectification And Settlement Of Cases
13. Who can be an Agent of a Non-Resident Indian?
14. Procedure for getting a Permanent A/c Number (PAN)
15. Double Taxation Relief
16. Assessment Procedure for Wealth Tax
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