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11. Appeal to Supreme Court after 1-10-98 [Section 261].


1.         An appeal to Supreme Court can be made

(a)       against the judgment of the High Court on reference made u/s 256,

(b)       against the order of High Court made u/s 254 before 1-10-98, or

(C)       against the judgment in appeal made to High Court u/s 254 after 1-10-98, provided it is certified by the High Court to be a fit case for appeal to Supreme Court.

2.         U/s 262(1) the appeal will be heard in same manner as is applicable in appeals against the decrees of High Court.

3.         The cost of appeal shall be at the discretion of Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court varies the judgment of the High Court, effect shall be given to the judgment of Supreme Court in same manner as given u/s 260.
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