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Exempted Incomes (Tax-FREE): Section-10(23FB),Section-10(24),Section-10(25), Section-10(25A),Section-10(26A)


56. Exemption for Certain Incomes of a Venture Capital Company or Venture Capital Fund from Certain Specified Business or Industries [Section 10 (23FB)]

As per this amendment, the exemption will now be available only in respect of income of a Venture Capital Company or Venture Capital Fund from investment in a venture capital undertaking engaged in certain specified businesses or industries.

New definition of “Venture Capital Company”, “Venture Capital Fund” and “Venture Capital undertaking” [Explanation 1 of section 10 (23FB)] [w.e.f A.Y. 20 13-14]

  1. Meaning of Venture Capital Company. A company which has been registered before 21-5-2012 under the SEBI Regulations, 1996 (Venture Capital Fund Regulation) or which has been registered as venture capital fund being a sub category of category 1 Alternative Investment Fund under the SEBI Regulation 2012 (Alternative Investment Fund Regulations). The Company has to satisfy the conditions mentioned in clause (a).

  2. Meaning of Venture Capital fund. A trust which has been registered before 21-5-2012 under the Venture Capital Fund Regulations or which has been registered as venture capital fund being a sub-category of category 1 Alternative Investment Fund under the Alternative Investment Funds Regulations. The trust has to satisfy the conditions mentioned in clause (b).

  3. Meaning of venture Capital undertaking. As defined under the Venture Capital Fund Regulation or under the Alternative Investment Funds Regulation.

57. Income of Registered Trade Unions [Section 10(24)]

The following incomes of registered trade unions are exempt from tax  :

  1.      Income from house property.

  2. Income from other sources.

The trade union must be a registered one and formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations between workmen and employer or between workmen and workmen. This benefit shall also be available to an association of registered trade unions.

58. Income of Provident and Superannuation Funds [Section 10(25)]

(i)      Interest on securities which are held by or are the property of any provident fund to which Provident Funds Act, 1925 applies and any capital gains of the fund arising from the sale, exchange or transfer       of such securities.

(ii)     Any income received by the trustees on behalf of a recognised provident fund.

(iii)    Any income received by the trustees on behalf of an approved superannuation fund.

59. Income of Employee’s State Insurance Fund [Section 10 (25A)]

Income of such fund is fully exempted.

60. Income of Schedule Tribe Members [Section 10(26) and 10(26A)]

Certain types of incomes of the members of Scheduled Tribes living in tribal areas are exempt from tax. The Scheduled Tribes to which this exemption applies are defined in Clause (25) of Article 366 of the Constitution, residing in any areas specified in Part A or Part B of the table appended to paragraph 20 of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution or in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland or in the Ladakh region of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

The exempted incomes are incomes which accrue or arise to him :

  1. from any source in the area, State, or Union Territories aforesaid, or

  2. by way of dividend.

This means that if a member of a Schedule Tribe sets up a business at any place other than mentioned above, profit from such business will be taxable.

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