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Exempted Incomes : Section 10(6A), (6B), (6BB) and (6C)


9.      Tax paid by Government or Indian concern on Income of a Foreign Company [Section 10(6A), (6B), (6BB) and (6C)]

(6A) :       

          (i)      Where a foreign company renders technical services to Government of India or to a State Government or to an Indian enterprise and for such services a foreign company is paid income by way of royalty or fees.

          (ii)     Such fees or royalty is paid by an India concern in pursuance of an agreement entered into before 1-6-2002 and such agreement is approved by Government of India and it is in accordance with the Industrial Policy of the Government of India.

          (iii) Since royalty or fees paid to a foreign company accrues in India, so such income is liable to be taxed in India and as per agreement the payer of income in India pays tax liability of the foreign company.

          (iv) Tax so paid by Government of India or a State Government or an Indian enterprise will be exempted i.e., it will not be grossed up with the income of the foreign company.

Example.    A foreign company renders technical services to an Indian company and as per agreement, foreign company is to be paid a fees of  ` 1,00,000. Tax of ` 30,000 on such fees is also paid by the Indian company. Tax paid by Indian company will be exempt and so it will not be grossed up with the income of the foreign company and such foreign company’s income will be only ` 1,00,000.


The tax liability of a non-resident (Not being a company) or a foreign company if paid by an Indian concern or Government of India or a State Government the same will be exempted and so will not be grossed up with the income of the foreign entity.

(6BB) Tax paid on income received by foreign government or a foreign enterprise on leasing aircraft

In case any income is received by a foreign government or a foreign enterprise from an Indian company which is engaged in the operation of aircraft and such income is by way of consideration of acquiring an aircraft or an engine of aircraft (other than payment for providing spares or services in connection with the operation of leased aircraft) on lease under an agreement entered into after 31-3-1996 but before 1-4-2007 and approved by the Central Government in this behalf, and the tax on such income is payable by such Indian company under the terms of agreement, the tax so paid shall be fully exempted.

This benefit shall be available only to that foreign enterprise which is non-resident.


Any income derived by a foreign company (so notified by Central govt.) by way of royalty or fees for technical services under an agreement for providing services in or outside India in projects connected with security of India shall be fully exempted.
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