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How to Correct any Mistake in PAN Card ?

Request for reissue of lost PAN card or for change/correction in PAN data is to be filed in “Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data”.


1.         For Changes or Correction in PAN data, fill all mandatory fields of the Form and select the corresponding box on left margin of appropriate field where correction is required.


2.         If the application is for re-issuance of a PAN card without any changes in PAN related data of the applicant, fill all fields in the Form but do not select any box on left  margin.


3.         In case of either a request for Change or Correction in PAN or request for re-issuance of a PAN Card without any changes in PAN data, the address for communication will be updated in the ITD database using address for communication provided in the application.


4.         For Cancellation of PAN, fill all mandatory fields in the Form, enter PAN to be cancelled in appropriate column of the Form and select the check box on left margin. PAN to be cancelled should not be same as PAN (the one currently used) mentioned at the top of the Form.


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