Expenditure on Notified Skill Development Project [Section 35CCD]

Deduction shall be allowed on account of any expenditure (not being expenditure in the nature of cost of any land or building) incurred by the company on skill development project notified by the Board in this behalf in accordance with the guidelines as may be prescribed

Quantum of Deduction:

150% of such expenditure incurred during the previous year for the assessment years 2013-14 to 2020-21

[from the assessment year 2021-22, an assessee can claim 100 % of expenditure as deduction (but not weighted deduction)].

Important Points : The following points should be noted –

  1. A company engaged in manufacture/ production of any article/thing (not being alcoholic spirits and tobacco products) or a company engaged in providing specified services (31 services have been notified for this purpose) can claim the benefit of weighted deduction under section 35CCD.
  2. Expenditure should be incurred on notified skill development project.
  3. The project should be undertaken in separate facilities in a training institute set up by Government, local authority or in an institute affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training or State Council for Vocational Training.
  4. For the purpose of claiming weighted deduction, an application should be submitted in Form No. 3CQ to National Skill Development Agency (NSDA).
  5. A copy of Form No. 3CQ should be sent to the Commissioner of Income-tax.
  6. Form No. 3CQ to be accompanied by detailed note on skill development project, expected expenditure and expected completion date, letter of concurrence from the training institute.

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