Timelines for Filing Appeal to High Court

SI.No.StagesNo. of daysTotal Time
1Receipt of ITAT order in the office of CIT0 day0 day
2Entry in relevant register in the office of CIT & linking with old appeal folder of the case from where appeal to ITAT was authorised1 day1 day
3Sending the order to Assessing Officer for necessary action along with a copy to Range head2 days3 days

Submission of scrutiny report in prescribed proforma by Assessing Officer to Range head after giving appeal effect*. 
Submission of scrutiny Report by Range head to CIT
30 days 
15 days
33 days
48 days
6Decision making by the CIT including consultation with the Standing counsel, if needed & submission to CCIT20 days68 days
7Decision of the CCIT on recommendations of CIT7 days75 days
8Sending appeal folder to the standing counsel for drafting appeal memo by CIT2 days77 days
9Drafting of Appeal memorandum by the counsel20 days97 days
10Obtaining Appeal Memorandum from Counsel, Vetting, preparation of sets with annexures in the o/o CIT and sending to the standing counsel for filingl5days112 days
11Actual filing in the HC registry3 days115 days
12Intimation of Diary/ Lodging No to the 0/0 CIT/ CIT(J) / HC cell3 days118 days