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GST on Interstate Sale of Goods & Service
GST on Selling Goods & Services to Customers in Other States......

Composition Scheme in GST
To ease the burden of small business in terms of compliance, under GST a composition scheme has been provided. The GST composition scheme will make compliance with GST laws easy and hassle free...

Levy Of ‘GST’ As Per Corresponding Acts/Laws
The CGST Act, IGST Act, UTGST Act and Compensation Act has already been assented by the President of India after passed by the Parliament of India. SGST Act will be placed in the respective legislative assemblies of states and would be in aligned with CGST and UTGST Act.

The Incidence Of CGST And SGST / UTGST
The levy of CGST/SGST/UTGST Acts is on all “Intra-State Supply” of Goods and Services. Intra-State Supply of Goods shall have the same meaning as is assigned to it in section 8(1) of the Integrated Goods & Services Tax Act.

Levy of the CGST is specified under section 9 of the CGST Act, and UGST in section 5 of the UTGST Act, 2017 which envisages that......

LEVY OF IGST Under Section 5 of IGST Act.
The Inter-State supplies of goods and/or services will be the matter of IGST. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) which is equal to CGST and SGST is levied and collected on inter-state supply of goods and/or services under IGST Act.......

Person / Entities Who Are Liable To Pay ‘IGST’
In general the suppliers of goods and/or service are liable to pay GST. However, there are conditions specified under the law for making recipient of goods and/or services or the third party liable for payment......

Power To Grant Exemption From CGST / SGST / UTGST
As per section 11 of the CGST Act following are the provisions related to the power to grant exemption for CGST:......

Power To Grant Exemption From ‘IGST‘ U/s 6 of IGST Act.
As per section 6 of the IGST Act following are the provisions related to the power to grant exemption for CGST......

Concept & Definition of ‘PLACE OF SUPPLY’ Under GST Act. 2017
The concept of “Place of Supply” has paramount importance because of the very nature of the new taxation system of GST. As GST is a destination and consumption based tax, the place of supply is a crucial factor for Settlement of funds and cross utilization of Input Tax Credit on inputs and input services.......

Principles To Determine The ‘PLACE OF SUPPLY’ Of Goods, other than Imports And Exports Under GST Act. 2017
Chapter V of the IGST Act, section 10 to section 13 defines the situations and the relevant place of supplies. It also provides principle to determine the place of supply of goods and Services separately. The place of supply of goods and services in Import and Export have also be defined under these sections......

‘PLACE OF SUPPLY’ of SERVICES Where The Location Of Supplier Of Services And Location Of Recipient Of Services Are In India under GST Act. 2017
Place of Supply of Services accourding to situations has been described in Graphical Chat with Table......

Who are Liable to get Registration under GST [ Sec.22 of IGST Act. 2017]
As per section 22 of the CGST Act, 2017 following person are required to get registration under GST:...

Exemption From GST Registration under the provisions of CGST/IGST/UTGST Act.
Following person are not required to take registration under the provisions of CGST/IGST/UTGST Act...

Process Of GST Registration in each State or Union Territory as per GST Act.
The person who are liable to be registered shall apply for registration in each State or Union Territory in which he is so liable within thirty days (30 days) from the date on which he becomes liable to registration..

Procedure for obtaining GST Registration under GST Act. 1917
The process of Registration created at portal is based on the report on the Business Process of GST Registration, CGST/ SGST/UTGST Acts and the Registration Rules made there under...

GST Unique Identity Number (GSTIN)
Every taxpayer shall be issued PAN based GST Identification Number (GSTIN) State-wise. More than one GSTIN will be issued in the same State for different business verticals. The taxpayer may get separate GSTIN for the different business premises of the same business. The architecture of the GSTIN is given below...

Issue of GST Registration Certificate to Casual Taxable Persons Or Non-Resident Taxable Persons [ sec. 27 of GST Act. ]
In view of section 27 of the Act, the registration certificate issued to a casual taxable person or a non-resident taxable person shall be valid for the period specified in the application for registration or ninety days (90 days) from the effective date of registration, whichever is earlier and such person shall make taxable supplies only after the issuance of the certificate of registration....

Amendment, Cancellation And Revocation Of GST Registration
The registered person may get his registration modified through the GST Common Portal: ....

Migration Of Existing Taxpayers To GST
Sec. 139 of CGST Act and the equivalent sections of SGST and UTGST provides that on the appointed day (the day GST is rolled out):...

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Deductions [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]
Deductions [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]

Deductions to be made in Computing Total Income [Sections 80A to 80U (Chapter VIA)]

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List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10
List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10

Section-wise Index of Exempted Incomes Under Section 10

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TDS, TCS, Advance Tax & Refunds
TDS, TCS, Advance Tax & Refunds

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