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Important issues related to GST Registration/Enrolment
There are 8 points described on Important issues related to GST Registration/Enrolment....

GST Enrolment Process under GST Act. 2017
GST Enrolment Process has been described in 12 points under GST Act. 2017

Forms Of GST Registration prescribed under GST Registration Rules
List of Forms prescribed under the Registration Rules and the Business process of GST:

Tax In Voice, Debit Note And Credit Note under GST
Sections 31 to 34 of the CGST Act, 2017 contain the provisions related to Tax invoice, documents to be issued for supply/receipt of goods services, credit notes and debit notes

Time Of Issuance Of GST-Invoice For Goods
Following provisions will be applicable for issuance of invoice in case of supply of Goods......

Time Of Issuance Of GST- Invoice For Services
A taxable person supplying services can issue an invoice before or after the provision of services within prescribed time. The invoice rules prescribe a time limit of 30 days from the date of provision of services for issuance of invoice.......

Documents to be issued Other Than GST- Tax Invoice For Both Goods And Services
In some of the cases a person is registered under the GST but is not required/eligible to collect tax. In that case instead of issuing a tax invoice the taxpayer will issue the bill of supply. Bill of supply will be issued in lieu of tax invoice for supply of: ......

GST-Tax Invoice For Export Of Goods And/Or Services under GST
In case of export of goods and/or services there are two options for the exporter. Export with the payment of IGST and take its refund or export without the payment of IGST with bond and surety and take the refund of input tax credit. The invoice for export shall carry an endorsement......

Content Fields required under GST-TAX INVOICE for various Organizations
Rule 1 of the Tax Invoice Rules released by the government contains the list of fields required to be mentioned in a tax invoice......

Credit And Debit Notes under GST
Various Provisions related to Credit and Debit Note has been described in this section ....

Provisions To Determine Time Of Supply Of Goods under GST
Determination of time of supply of goods can be bifurcated in following four categories: .....

Provisions To Determine Time Of Supply Of SERVICES under GST
Determination of time of supply of services can be bifurcated in following four categories: ....

Time Of Supply VIS-A-VIS Change In GST-Rate Of Tax under GST
The time of supply, in cases where there is a change in the effective rate of tax in respect of goods and/or services, shall be determined in the following manner: ...

What is HSN and NPCS under GST
Under GST, tax is to be levied on the taxable value of the goods and/ or services in percentage and at certain rates. This is called ad valorem tax. Ad valorern is a Latin word, which means “according to value’ It is a method of tax calculation based on the value of a transaction or supply...

HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) Classification of Goods/Products/Commodities under GST Act.
The Harmonized System is an international nomenclature for the classification of products/commodities. It provides standards to classify traded goods on a common basis for taxation or policy making purposes...

GST Tariff Classification - General Rules Of Interpretation (GIR)
If classification is not possible based on description of goods specified under tariff headings, chapter and section notes, then taxpayer has to follow the Rules of classifications. ...

The General Explanatory Notes under GST Tariff
General Explanatory Notes provide the schemes of headings, subheadings of product codes at 2 digit, 4 digit, 6 digit and 8 digit level. It also provides the relevance of other columns of the Tariff and its contents....

How To Find A Suitable HSN Code For Classification Of Goods Under GST
The Classification of goods under GST, which shall be HSN based has certain patterns and methods to learn and use for classifying different commodities to be supplied under CGST/IGST/UTGST/SGST Acts, 2017. ....

Principles Of Classification Goods – HSN under GST
Classification of goods sometimes becomes so complicated that the provisions specified under classification Rules are found inadequate to classify a few products. Over the year some principles have been evolved by the Courts of law and the Tribunals, which help in classifying those commodities appropriately:....

Classification Of Services - SAC/NPCS – Under GST
Services have been classified presently by the Service Tax administration with its Service Accounting Codes. Although, United Nations had published Central Product Code (UNCPC) in 1990, which was containing product classification of goods and services both,...

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