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Section / Rules-wise Tax Obligation with Prescribed Form :

"BUSINESS OR PROFESSION" under Income-Tax Act.


"Business or Profession" ( Income Tax Act.)

Sections / Rules


Form No.


  1. Report of audit -

Form No. 3AC

Rule 5AC

(i)         uls 33AB(2)

Form No. 3AD

Rule 5AD

(ii)        u/s 33ABA(2)

Form No. 3AE

Rule 6AB

(iii)       u/s 35D(4)/35E(6)


Rule 6G(1)(a)/(b)

  1. who is required to get accounts audited

Form No. 3CA

  1. who is not required to get accounts audited

Form No. 3CB

Rule 14A

(v)        u/s 142(2A)

Form No. 6B

Rule I 8BBB

(vi)       u/s 80-1(7 )/80-IA(7)180-IB/80-IC

Form No. 10CCB

Rule 19AB

(vii)      u/s 80JJAA(2)(b)

Form No. 10DA

Rule 11T

(viii)     u/s 115VW

(b)       Report from an accountant certifying that the    deduction has been correctly claimed

Form No. 66

Rule 16D

(i)         u/s 10A(5)

Form No. 56F

Rule 16DD

(ii)        u/s 10A(1B)(b)

Form No. 56FF

Rule 16E

(iii)       u/s 10B(5)

Form No. 56G

Rule 16F

(iv)       u/s 10BA(5)

Form No. 56H

Rule 5A

(v)        u/s 32(1 )(iia) [i.e. additional depreciation]

Form No. 3AA

Rule  18DB(2)

(vi)       u/s 80-IB(7A)

Form No. 10CCBA

Rule  18DC(3)

(vii)      u/s 80-IB(7B)

Form No. 10CCBB

Rule  18DD

(viii)     u/s 80-IB(11B)

Form No. I0CCBC


(viiiA)  u/s 80-IB(11C) form of report for claiming deduction

Form No. 10CCBD

Rule  18DE(3)

(ix)       u/s 80-ID(3)(iv)

Form No. I0CCBBA

Rule 19AE

(x)        u/s 80LA(3)

Form No. 10CCF

Rule  408

(c)        Report from an accountant u/s 115JB(4) certifying that the book profit has been computed in accordance with the provisions of section 1I5JB

Form No. 29B

Rule  10E

(d)       Report from accountant to be furnished u/s92E relating to international transaction

Form No. 3CEB

Rule  18BBE(3)

(e)        Certificate from an accountant u/s 80-IA(6), specifying the amount credited to reserve account and the amount utilised during the previous year for the Highway Project 

Form No. 10CCC

Rule  11P

(f)        A person carrying on medical profession to keep and maintain a daily case register’     

Form No. 65


(g)       Application for exercising or renewing the option for tonnage tax scheme u/s 1I5VP(1) or 115VR(1)


Rule 6G(2)

Statement of particulars required to be furnished u/s 44AB

Form 3CD


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