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Computation of Income Under the Head 'Salary' [Section 15 to 17] :

(A). Salary -Definition & Meaning

  1. Computation of " Salary " Income [Section 15-17]

  2. Definition of Word 'Salary' [Section 17(1)]

  3. Section-15 : Basis of Charge of Salary Income

  4. Important Points / Characteristics for Computing Salary Income

  5. List of Different Forms of Salary for Computation of Income under the head 'Salary'

(B). Provident Fund

Tax Treatment of Provident Funds (PF) for Salary Income

(C). Allowance

  1. ALLOWANCES - For Computing ‘Salary’ Income

  2. Fully Exempted Allowance for Computing Salary Income

  3. Fully Taxable Allowance fro Computing Salary Income

  4. House Remt Allowance [HRA] for Calculating Salary Income

  5. Prescribed Special Allowances which are Exempt to a certain extent - Section 10(14)

  6. Treatment of Entertainment Allowance for Calculating Salary Income

  7. List of Different 'Allowances' for Computation of 'Salary' Income

(D). Perquisites

  1. Definition of 'Perquisites' as per [Section 17(2)]

  2. Valuation of 'Perquisites' under the head 'income from Salary'

  3. Fringe Benefits or Amenities which shall be Taxable Perquisite in the hands of All Employees

  4. Taxable Perquisites in case of Specified Employees

  5. Tax Free Perquisites in case of all Employees

  6. Valuation of Rent Free Unfurnished & Furnished Accommodation [Rule 3(1)]

  7. Valuation of Perquisite of Motor Car and other Modes of Conveyance [Rule 3(2)] for Computing Salary Income

  8. Valuation of Perquisites in respect of Free or Concessional Education Facilities to any member of Employees' household : [Rule 3(5)]

  9. Valuation of  Perquisites in respect of Sweat Equity Shares or Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP) [ Section 17(2)(vi) & Rule 3(8) & (9)]

  10. Perquisites Valuation of Medical Facilities [Proviso to Section 17(2)]

  11. Valuation of Leave Travel Concession or Assistance (LTC/LTA) in India. [Section 10(5) & 10(6)(i)]

  12. List of 'Perquisites' for Computation of Income under the head 'Salary'

(E). Profit in lieu of Salaly

  1. Receipts treated as Profit in Lieu of Salary [Section 17(3)] for Computing Salary Income

(F). Retirement Benefits

  1. Exemption of Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity [Section 10(10)]

  2. Tax treatment of PENSION [Monthly and Commuted] for Computing Salary Income [Section 17(1)(ii)]

  3. Leave Encashment [Section-10(10AA)] for Computing Salary Income

  4. Retrenchment Compensation received by Workmen [Section 10(10B)]

  5. Compensation received on Voluntary Retirement [Section 10(10C)]

  6. Tax treatment of National Pension Scheme [ NPS] with Deduction under Section 80CCD

  7. Tax Planning for Retirement of the Employee

(G). Deductions

  1. Deduction from Salary Income (Section 16)

  2. Relief when Salary is paid in Arrear or in Advance, etc. [Section 89/Rule 21A]

  3. Qualifying Amount (Q.A.) for Deduction u/s 80C

(H). Table Graphical Presentation of Salary Income (Section 15 to 17)

  1. 'Charge' under head Salary (Section-15)

  2. Allowance under the head Salary

  3. Deduction U/s 16(ii) : Entertainment Allowance Vs. Deduction U/s 16(iii) : Professional Tax

  4. Specified Employee Vs. Non Specified Employee

  5. Section 17(2) : Perquisites - Category A

  6. Section 17(2) : Perquisites - Category B

  7. Section 17(2) : Fully Exemped Perquisites - Category C

  8. Taxability of Perquisites & Allowance - under the head Salary

  9. Provident Fund ( SPF, PPF, URPF, RPF )

  10. Section 10(10) - Gratuity ( Tax Treatment )

  11. Section 10(10A) - Pension ( Tax Treatment )

  12. Section 10(10AA) - Leave Salary ( Tax Treatment)


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