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House Remt Allowance [HRA] for Calculating Salary Income

Employees living in hired (rented) houses. Sometimes the employer does not provide rent- free accommodation but instead makes a provision to pay some amount in cash, so that the employee may be compensated to some extent as far as rent is concerned. The amount of cash paid is known as House Rent Allowance. Out of the total H.R.A. received, an amount equal to the minimum of the following three items is exempted from tax u/s 10(13A) read with Rule 2A and balance, if any, will be added in the salary of the employee for tax purpose. The three items are

House Remt Allowance [HRA] for Calculating Salary Income

Quantum of Exemption: Minimum of following three limits:


Mumbai / Kolkata / Delhi / Chennai

Other Cities


Allowance actually Received

Allowance actually Received


Rent Paid in excess of 10% of Salary

Rent Paid in excess of 10% of Salary


50% of Salary

40% of Salary


Taxable HRA = Actual HRA received — Exempted amount

Note :
The exemption in respect of HRA is based upon the following factors:

(1) Salary
(2) Place of residence
(3) Rent paid
(4) HRA received.

Since there is a possibility of change in any of the above factors during the previous year, exemption for HRA should not always be calculated on annual basis. As long as there is no change in any of the above factors it can be calculated together for that period. Whenever there is a change in any of the above factors, it should be separately calculated till the next change.
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