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Tax Obligation with Prescribed Form” Wealth Tax Act."


Wealth Tax Act

Section / Rules


Form No.


Return of Net wealth

Form A


Return of Net wealth u/s 14(1) or (2) [For companies only]

Form B

Rule 3(1)(B)

Return of Net alth for individuals/HUF’s/companies For A.Y2013-2014

Form BA


Return of Net wealth for lndividuals/HUFs/Companies for the A.Y.-2014-2015

Form BB

Rule 4

Notice of Demand u/s 30

Form C

Proviso to Rule 4

Notice of demand u/s 30, for payment of tax provisionally assessed u/s I5C

Form D

Rules 4A/4AA

Application or Intimation for settlement of Cases u/s 22C(1)

Form DA or DAA

Rule 4C

Declaration u/s 18C(1) to be made by an assessee claiming that identical question of law is pending before High Court or the Supreme Court

Form DB

Rule 5

Form of appeal to the Commissioner of Wealth-tax (Appeals) u/s 23A

Form E

Rule 6(1)

Form of appeal to the Appellate Tribunal u/s 24 (1) or (2) or 26(1)

Form F

Rule 6(2)

Form of memorandum of cross-objection to the Appellate Tribunal u/s 24(2A)

Form G

Rule 7

Form of reference application u/s 27(1) before High Court

Form H

Rule 9(1)

Application for information u/s 428

Form I

Rule 9(2)

Form for furnishing information u/s 42B to Chief C. T.

Form J

Rule 9(3)

Form for intimating non-availability of informatio s 42B

Form K

Rule 9(4)

Furnished the information asked for, he shall intimate the fact to the applicant.

Form L


Warrant of authorisation u/s 37A

Form M

Rule 88

Application for registration as a value u/s 34AB

Form N

Rule 8D

Report of valuation of -
(a)immovable property (other than agricultural lands, plantations, forests, mines and quarries)

Form O - 1


(b)agricultural lands other than coffee, tea, rubber and cardamon plantations

Form O-2


(c)coffee, tea, rubber and cardamom plantations

Form O - 3


(d) forests

Form O - 4


(e) mines and quarries

Form O - 5


(f stocks, shares, debentures, securities, shares In partnership firms and business assets including goodwill

Form O – 6


(g) machinery and plant

Form O - 7



Form O - 8


(i)Works of art

Form O – 9


(j)Life interest, reversions and interest in expectancy

Form O – 10

Rule 2(9) of Schedule Ill

Certificate of quoted shares/ debentures of a company

Form O – 11

Rule 12 of Schedule Ill

Certificate of the auditor on valuation of unquoted shares equity share of an investment company


Rule 18 of Schedule Ill

Statement of valuation of jewellery



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