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Process Of Refund Application Filing of Taxes / ITC under GST

Refund application in all cases are to be filed electronically at the GST Common portal. Refund will be segregated into CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST, Cess, Interest, penalty, Fee and others. Formats for different types of refund are prescribed. On filing of refund application online, the same will be transmitted by GST common portal to the proper authority of Centre or State after validating certain information from different databases. In case some issues are recognized in the course of validation, the same will be transferred to the proper officer in the form of flag by the system. However, GST Common portal will not disallow any application on any issue pertaining to law or the statutory power of the officers like time bar, validation failure, inappropriate documentary evidence etc.

Since refunds are subject matter of two principles (1) unjust enrichment - which means the amount of tax if passed on to the consumer, no refund and (ii) adjustment of refundable amount against recoverable liability of the applicant, no suo motu refund may be allowed. However, the proper officer may, in the case of any claim for refund on account of export of goods and/or services made by Registered taxpayers (other than such category of registered person as may be notified by the Govt. of India), give refund on a provisional basis 90% of the total amount of refund so claimed, excluding the amount of input tax credit provisionally accepted, in the manner and subject to such conditions, limitations and safeguards as prescribed under Refund Rules.

Refund will be allowed only for the matched invoices, except in the cases where refund is due to any statutory order of the court/tribunal etc. Payment of the refund amount will be credited to the account specified by the registered person while registering himself at GST portal. All application of refund will be submitted after digital Signature/e-signing.

For disbursement of refund, Pr. CCA/Accounting Authorities of the States will be integrated with the GST common portal and the refund advice for disbursement will be transmitted online. These agencies will look after the disbursement, accounting and reconciliation of the refunds.

The period for filing of the Refund application are specified below:

1.         Excess balance in Cash Ledger - Financial year and Month

2.         Exports with Payment of Tax - Return Period

3.         Export without payment of Tax - Accumulated ITC - Return Period

4.         Statutory Order - Same period as mentioned in the order (FY and Month)

5.         Accumulation of ITC due to Inverted duty structure- Return Period

6.         Supplies Received by SEZ /Developer or Recipient of Deemed Exports)
- Return Period

7.         Tax paid on a supply which is not provided, either wholly or partially, and for which invoice has not been issued - Return Period

8.         URD - Return Period as per Supplier’s Return Form

9.         Embassy/International Organization - Financial Year and Quarter

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