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Types Of Income Subject To TDS [Deduction Of Tax At Source]

The following types of incomes are mainly subject to deduction of tax at source:

(a)     Salaries Section 192.
(b)     Interest on securities Section 193.
(c)     Dividend Section 194. (d)     Other interest Section 194A.
(e)     Winnings from lottery or crossword puzzle - Section 194B.
(f)      Winning from horse race — Section 194BB.
(g)     Payment to resident contractors and sub-contractors — Section 194C.
(h)     Insurance commission Section 194D.
(i)      Payments to non-resident sportsmen or sports associations — Section 194E.
(j)      Payments in respect of deposits under the N.S.S. Section 194EE.


(k)     Payments on account of repurchase of units by Mutual Fund or UTI — Section 194F.
(l)      Commission, etc., on the sale of lottery tickets Section 194G.
(m)    Commission or brokerage — Section 194H.
(n)     Rent exceeding 1,80,000 Section 1941 [w. e. f. 1-7-2010].
(o)     Fees for professional or technical services, including royalties etc., — Section 194J.
(p)     Income in respect of units of a mutual fund Section 194K
(q)     Payment of compensation on asset Section 194L
(r)      Payment of compensation on acquisition of certain immovable property — Section 194LA
(s)     Payment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land — Section          194 LAA.
(t)      Payment of income by way of interest from Infrastructure Debt Fund Section 194LB.
(u)     Other sums payable to non-residents and non-Indian companies only— Section 195.
(v)     Income from units — Section 196B.
(w)    Income from foreign currency bonds or shares of Indian company — Section 196 C.
(x)     Income of foreign institutional investors from securities — Section l96D.




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