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Different Modes Of Tax Payment

Under the Act, the following are the three main modes of collecting taxes:

(1)     Payment by deduction of tax at source;

(II)    Direct payment of tax:

(a)     Advance payment of tax,

(b)     Payment as a result of self-assessment under Section 1 40A,

(c)     Payment as a result of regular assessment under Section 143 or Section 144, and

(d)     Payment in any other special manner.

(III) Collection of income tax u/s 206C.

Payment by deduction of tax at source or by advance payment of tax are mentioned under Section 190. The levy of tax by direct payment is provided by Section 191 only when the tax is not deductible at source and where the tax has not in fact been deducted at source in accordance with the provisions of the Act.




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