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The provisions of section 92 will apply only if the aggregate value of specified domestic transactions entered into by the taxpayer during the year exceeds Rs. 20Cr.

Provisions Relating To Penalty For Failure To Keep And Maintain Documents In Respect Of Specified Domestic Transactions
In this part you can gain knowledge about the provisions relating to penalty for failure to keep and maintain documents in respect of specified domestic transactions.

Overview of major Penalties imposable under the Income-Tax Act.
The following table highlights major penalties imposable under the Income-tax Act.

Section 273A(1) empowers the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner to grant waiver or reduction from penalty imposed or imposable under section 270A (i.e., penalty for under-reporting and misreporting of income) or under section 271(1)(c) (i.e., penalty for concealment of particulars of income or furnishing inaccurate particulars of income).

Section 273A(4) empowers the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner to waive or reduce any penalty imposable under the Income-tax Act as well as to stay or compound any proceeding for the recovery of penalty.

Waiver of Penalty U/s 273AA by Principal Commissioner or Commissioner
Section 273AA empowers the Principal Commissioner or Commissioner to grant immunity from imposition of any penalty under the Income-tax Act in a case where the taxpayer has made an application for settlement under section 245C and the proceedings for settlement have been abated under section 245HA and penalty proceedings are initiated under the Income-tax Act....

Apart from penalty for various defaults, the Income-tax Act also contains provisions for launching prosecution proceedings against the taxpayers for various offences. In this part you can gain knowledge about the various provisions relating to prosecution which can be launched under the Income-tax Act..

As per section 208, every person whose estimated tax liability for the year is Rs. 10,000 or more, shall pay his tax in advance, in the form of “advance tax”. In this part you can gain knowledge on various provisions relating to payment of advance tax by a taxpayer:

Exemption From Payment Of Advance Tax To Resident Senior Citizen
As per section 207, a resident senior citizen (i.e., an individual of the age of 60 years or above) not having any income from business or profession is not liable to pay advance tax.

Various Assessments Under The Income Tax Law
The process of examining the return of income by the Income-Tax department is called as “Assessment”. Assessment also includes re-assessment and best judgment assessment under section 144. Under the Income-tax Law, there are four major assessments given below:

Appeal To Commissioner Of Income-Tax [ CIT] (Appeals)
At times it may happen that the taxpayer is aggrieved by an order of the Assessing Officer. In such a case he can file an appeal against the order of the Assessing Officer before the Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals). In this part you can gain knowledge about various provisions relating to appeals to Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals)..

Appeal To The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal [ITAT]
The Commissioner of Income-Tax (Appeals) is the first appellate authority and the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) is the second appellate authority. Appeal to the ITAT can be filed by any of the aggrieved party either by the taxpayer or by the Assessing Officer.

Rectification Of Mistake Under Section 154
Sometimes there may be a mistake in any order passed by the Assessing Officer. In such a situation, mistake which is apparent from the record can be rectified under section 154. The provisions relating to rectification of mistake under section 154 are discussed in this part..

Section 55A has provided the circumstances in which and the purposes for which a reference could be made by the tax authorities to a Valuation Officer for valuation of capital asset..

In order to get clarification on taxation of those transactions, a person can make an application to the Authority for Advance Rulings (‘AAR’). Provisions relating to advance ruling are provided in sections 245N to 245V. In this part, you can gain knowledge about various provisions relating to advance ruling..


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